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Magical Circus is proudly part of the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP). This was set up to increase opportunities for children and young people across our region to take part in quality art and cultural experiences.

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Melanie and Angelo can provide you with the most entertaining and fun day at your school with our 'The Greatest Circus School Visit' theme involving a circus show, circus History & circus skills workshops. A unique fund day, but don't take our word for it, please read our reviews!

King's School Chester Rolls up!

Reception Teacher

Today our children from Oswald Road Primary School attended the Magical Circus! I can truly say that this was the best trip I have ever been on.
Melanie and Angelo were so lovely with our children. The setting was so age appropriate and so safe for our children. This was the easiest trip I have ever been on. The children thoroughly enjoyed the tricks and the apparatus. Thank you so much.
I will be recommending to everyone I know.

Magical Circus Christmas Show.
23, February 2018

A kid's party like no other, with 5 stars ratings!!!

'The Greatest Circus Kids Party' is a most for those who love 'The Greatest Showman' movie, our parties will suit any age from young children, teenagers and even adults. Circus show, circus skills and more!

We make the day special and add the spark to make their birthday the best day ever!
More info in our Children's Birthday parties page!

Fairs, Fetes and Fairs!

Magical circus with their colorful setting can provide a fantastic fun day for large amounts of children and adults, not just providing a variety of circus props but by making sure that those who take part learn something new on the day, we love to teach!

Circus skills workshops are a most to entertain large crowds of different ages and abilities :-)

The magic of the circus

Our expertise comes from years of circus work around the world, where we have gathered complimentary knowledge from different areas within the circus art.

If you are a primary school or a secondary school looking for inspirational workshops or a company or a parent trying to create the most special children's party ever, Magical Circus can offer you unique children's entertainment and engaging, fulfilling and inspirational school workshops, like no other.

Magical Circus children's parties are created to be remembered.

Our parties are prepared with care, we are husband and wife team and our biggest reward is to see joy in children and happiness in you and your guests. Our children's parties are unique with a variety of fun themes and characters to choose from.

Magical Circus children's parties are created, not just to keep children 'busy' but to be remembered and treasured for years to come.

Inspiring to learn

Magical circus workshops with Melanie and Angelo are fun and full of energy developed to inspire children to learn.

Magical circus motto

Our aim is to provide children and adults with an experience that is rare nowadays, offering children's shows and parties to be shared and enjoyed by all, no matter what their age or ability, just like in the Circus!

Our workshops are there to awaken in children and adults alike that inner desire to practise, work hard, challenge ourselves, get better and achieve goals.

Our standards are high

Our reliability and punctuality are outstanding, we pride ourselves on this. No matter what, we will be there for you, once your event is booked with us, it is written in stone!

Please take some time to read our reviews from schools, corporate work and children's party customers. If you need further recommendations, we won't hesitate to put you in contact with previous customers.

We look forward to meeting you and make your day a very happy one!

Melanie and Angelo.

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