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Weekly community activities for the whole family, children and adults in the Wirral.

Fun activities for all ages from 1 year upwards, Circo-tots from 6 months upwards and adults pay for Family Circus Skills and Shows. Prices from £5.00 to £7.50. Cash on the door please.

Sessions may be removed subject to private bookings at Magical Circus and additional sessions may be provided depending on availability, so please follow us on Facebook.com/MagicalCircus, Twitter @MagicalCircus or instagram @Magical_Circus for up to date information, thanks!


Fridays 10am - 12pm, 6 months to 4 years, cost £5.00

Come to our circus themed toddler morning or afternoon and enjoy the Fantasy Play Room, Library and Circus Hall with lots of fun activities each week for the little ones and a chance for Mums, Dads, Nannys and Grandads to mix and relax in our Café and Lounge. Enjoy some quality time together.

Free fruit and milk or water for toddlers at snack time and a free tea/coffee for accompanying adult.

Family Circus Skills

We presently offer two Circus Workshop sessions:

Family session on Mondays and Thursdays 4.30pm - 6pm for all ages from 1 year upwards, cost £5.00

Leave the TV and gadgets at home. Come and have fun as a family and learn some new skills, exercise and socialize all at the same time. There is a skill for everyone, no matter what age, ability or fitness level. We'll provide you with the basics to get you started and then you can dedicate your time and energy each week to the skill or skills that appeal to you most. Mix and share your knowledge with others and enjoy improving and gaining confidence in what you do.

Circus skills are brilliant for hand-eye co-ordination, core strength building, general exercise and well being, self motivation and humour...you definitely need to be able to laugh at yourself when things go wrong!!!

Skills offered include scarf, ball, ring and club juggling, plate spinning, balancing, diabolo, bucket, hand-held and hands-free stilt-walking, powerizers, hula-hoops, poi, devil and flower sticks, balancing board, stepping blocks, beam , tight rope and tight-wire walking, pedal goes, fun wheels and unicycling. Toddler corner available for little ones to play or they can join in too!

The workshop session is designed for families to enjoy doing something together, learning new skills, exercising and having fun together. We do understand that sometimes for health or personal reasons, parents or carers do not wish to participate and for that reason, we do have a Lounge and Café area for them to sit in during the session, there is no charge for this and refreshments are available to purchase.

Unfortunately, we cannot permit people to sit in the Circus Hall during the session for health and safety reasons. As with other activities such as dancing or gymnastics there is no need for parents / carers to supervise their children, they will be guided by the instructors during the session and then allowed to develop skills by themselves.

Heels-on-Wheels Discos

Fridays 5pm - 6.30pm, recommended from 3 years upwards but smaller children can join in the fun on our little wheels.

(children under 11 years of age must be accompanied)

cost £5.00 from 1 year upwards (bring your own Heelys or roller or in-line skates).

Accompanying non-wheeling adults are free.

Come to our fun disco in the Circus Hall with smooth floors and lots of space, so you can practise your wheely skills, play wheely tag and try wheely limbo and the cone obstacle course. There's so much fun to have!

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